An optimal Infor business system. Xibis is going for gold!

Xibis implements, optimizes, manages and migrates Infor business systems and seconds experts to support them. Where the current solution does not sufficiently match business processes, we create innovative solutions using Infor LN. For whom. The high-end manufacturing industry in the Benelux.

Xibis is different. We are driven, work pragmatically and have a people-oriented culture. Our team goes for customers and goes for each other. Xibists are not competitors but colleagues, sharing expertise and successes. Don’t sell solutions, but help customers buy the best solution.

Too good to be true? Challenge us! Discover that ict can also be done with a golden smile, on all faces.

At Xibis, we go beyond simply simplifying and implementing business processes. Our goal is to optimize your operations by improving efficiency, scalability, reliability and data management. Our unique hybrid approach, a combination of the waterfall and Agile methodologies, ensures that your system fits your organization’s needs perfectly. By involving key-users early during the implementation process, we ensure flexible, collaborative and seamless integration of the new ERP system
Change is an ongoing process in business, economics and technology. By cleverly customizing Infor ERP systems and/or extending standard features, Xibis contributes to more efficient work processes. Based on many implementations, we have a lot of practical knowledge to set up standard Infor LN functions in such a way that customization and customization are not necessary.
Moving Infor business systems from on-premises to their Cloud environment? Xibis has all the expertise for a smooth migration to Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, with simultaneous optimization of your environment if desired. Working in the cloud gives numerous advantages: cost savings, better scalability, good accessibility of data and tools and reliability. The specialists at Xibis will ensure that your business takes maximum advantage of these benefits.

Systems are becoming more complex and so is application and system management. Especially in this age of cloud computing. Xibis takes care of the technical management of your Infor business system. This saves your organization time and eliminates dependence on that one employee. At Xibis, an expert service desk is at your service.


For a specific automation project or temporary filling of an ict position, Xibis has the right specialists available. From finance controllers, project managers, system and/or functional administrators to data improvement specialists. Operational support in the ERP field? Fill us in! Xibis has decades of experience in posting specialists and has flexibly deployable (Infor) professionals.

Together for gold

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Our Gold | customer case study

Altrex moving higher with migration to Infor CloudSuite

Altrex B.V. in Zwolle, a specialist in scaffolding, stairs, ladders and other climbing solutions, has migrated to Infor CloudSuite. Xibis managed the migration of the current Infor LN10.6 on-premise environment to the cloud. “Together with Xibis, we expect a successful migration to Infor LN CloudSuite,” says Tim Tollenaar, IT team leader at Altrex.

Working at Xibis: challenge, teamwork, collegiality and rewards

Xibis is always looking for talent. What do we have to offer? Challenging projects within top manufacturing companies! As a Xibist, you will be challenged daily to find creative solutions for our driven clients. Important: At Xibis, you are never alone. Teamwork and collegiality are in our DNA; successes are celebrated together and rewarded collectively. Curious about what we have to offer you?

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