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At Xibis, day-to-day business is about enterprise systems. But these business systems are not the core of the organization. After all, these are our people: Xibists. Only because Xibists do not shy away from a challenge can we deliver gold. Will you also become a Xibist?


There are no vacancies at this time but we are happy to meet with talented people. So an open application is always welcome.

Direct contact with our people?

Medewerker Sijmon van den Berg
General Manager

Sijmon studied Civil Engineering at the then HTS. After experience “at sea” as a work planner simulating and calculating wave power and currents for ships, he went to work as an implementation consultant in construction with the firm Baan. This was followed by positions as project manager, team manager and general manager for Benelux, Israel and South Africa, finally embarking on the adventure of building Xibis in August 2011, first as business development manager and for the last three years as general manager. Outside of work, Sijmon enjoys his grandchildren, reading, hiking, road biking, gravel biking, nature, and commitment to the Kimon Foundation also has his heart. Sijmon is known as a true family man.

Henk Jan Habermehl
Operations Manager

Following his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration, Henk Jan has been a highly experienced Project Leader and Business Consultant at both small(er) and medium sized manufacturing, trading and service companies at home and abroad for almost 38 years. With his hands-on mentality, he is accustomed to operating at the intersection of organization, automation and information services, communicating at both the executive and management level. He has nearly 38 years of implementation experience with all Baan versions from BOCS/BPCS 1.3 through the most recent versions of Infor LN in the Cloud and on-premises through Infor LN10.7.

Jan-Willem Maat
Finance Manager

Jan-Willem is a hands-on Finance Business Consultant with overview and insight. He is conceptually strong but also has an emphatic “hands on” mentality. Jan-Willem is driven and enthusiastic. He has excellent knowledge and experience with Baan IV, Baan V and Infor LN Finance, costing, financial integrations and Multi-site concepts. For the logistics areas within Job IV, V and Infor LN, Jan-Willem has a good basic knowledge. Jan-Willem enjoys spending his free time playing a game of hokey, piano and vacations in Italy with his family. He is also not averse to a game of carnival.

Sales Manager

Jan has a mountain of experience. He has been with the Infor Global Services organization within the Benelux region since 2017. At Xibis, he has served as Sales Manager since 2023. Jan is described as analytical with a hard-working personality. He is a strong relationship builder who is solution-oriented. In his free time, he enjoys gaming, walking the dog, Netflixing and listening to classical music. Every now and then he can be found on the tennis court when he is once again challenged at a get-together or party.

Olaf van der Sanden
Planning and Technical Consulting Manager

Through his experience in various positions within different segments of the business community, Olaf is excellent at communicating well with all levels of the organization. He is a customer-oriented project and service level manager with a broad knowledge of Infor software and ICT. Olaf has a people-oriented attitude and an open personality. A true team player who always seeks the best for the customer and knows how to motivate his team. Olaf enjoys hiking in the mountains, running, cycling and squash.

Pieter Lekkerkerker
Innovation Manager

Pieter is a passionate consultant with 20 years of experience in logistics and manufacturing. He quickly understands business processes and knows how to turn them into practical solutions in the ERP system. He is results-oriented and has a hands on mentality, being known as a true bridge builder. In his spare time, Pieter is very active in the church. On Saturdays you can find him at the animal pasture in Acht: it is nice to meet local residents here and taking care of the animals is de-stressing for Pieter.

Helen Meijer
Consultancy Manager

With years of experience in professionalizing project work and implementing ICT and ERP processes, Helen ensures that projects are carried out successfully. Good analytical skills enable her to effectively shape the design and execution of projects and portfolios. Helen finds the beauty of projects is the collectivity in achieving the intended goals and results. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends over snacks and drinks. She likes to listen to music and enjoys getting out on the beach.

Willeke Duijst-de Jong
Office Manager

From her enthusiasm and positivity, Willeke is a reliable and helpful asset to Xibis. As office manager, Willeke deals with the financial aspects within the company where she works closely with the Finance Manager. Her sense of numbers and her financial knowledge are very valuable. In her free time, Willeke enjoys being in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes, baking bread or making soap. She also enjoys being creative.

Nellie Lodders
Office Manager

Her experience in various positions within different segments of the business community has made Nellie a widely employable office manager. In addition to experience within professional services, she has experience organizing events, acting as a hostess and handling internal communications. With Nellie, there is no shortage of enthusiasm. She is creative, social, flexible and proactive. In her free time, she engages in urban sketching and sports challenges.

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